Guidelines for Adolescents’ Access to HIV & SRH Services

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022 - 09:10


This document is a development that establishes the fact that tackling HIV in any age group especially in adolescents and young people is a multi-sectoral agenda. The document highlights that adolescents are themselves key stakeholders for ensuring that  agenda is achieved. For too long duty bearers and programmers have conceptualied and implemented interventions for young people without obtaining inputs from them. Adolescents and young people’s participation is a game changer that must be embraced by programmers in all sectors for optimal results. In addition to adolescents, six other key duty bearers namely parents/care givers, teachers/educators, social workers, the police and the judiciary have been identified as sectors whose partnerships must be nurtured to facilitate adolescents’ access to services related to HIV and sexual reproductive health. The document has clearly articulated the rational, roles and recommended actions expected by these key duty bearers for robust results.

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