AFHS for Adolescents Living With HIV

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022 - 10:29


This technical brief will be useful to HIV programme managers in health ministries and other adolescent-related line ministries, especially those in low- and middle-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa, in implementing, monitoring and evaluating peer-based and adolescent responsive and friendly services for adolescents living with HIV. The publication is also be a valuable resource for healthcare workers as it will assist international organizations, non-governmental organizations and other implementing partners in better contextualizing, planning and delivering peer-based and adolescent-responsive and friendly services for adolescents living with HIV.

It briefly describes the criteria and standards for providing adolescent friendly health services and also summarizes some of the key peer based implementation evidence, details examples and key characteristics of five peer based adolescent service delivery models and offers programmatic considerations for providing adolescent responsive and friendly services to ensure meaningful engagement of adolescents as a key focus.

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