Eswatini National STIs Guidelines

Last updated
Friday, February 4, 2022 - 15:32

About this Guideline:

This guideline for management of sexually transmitted infections in the Kingdom of Eswatini is building upon the vision of zero new infections, zero STI-related complications and deaths, and zero discrimination and it aims at ending the STI epidemic as a major public health concern. To address the limitation of etiological and presumptive diagnosis, the syndromic management approach to STI’s will be emphasized in the implementation of this guideline in all health facilities.

In line with the 2030 global targets, the guideline aims at 90% reduction of T. pallidum incidence; 90% reduction in N. gonorrhoeae incidence; ≤ 50 cases of congenital syphilis per 100 000 live births; Sustain 90% national coverage and at least 80% in every region in the country.

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