NERCHA Corporate Strategy FINAL 2020-2025

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Monday, March 14, 2022 - 16:04


The NERCHA Corporate Strategy (2014-2018) set out NERCHA’s plans for its repositioning, transformation and making an improved contribution to an AIDS-free generation by 2022. During this period, strategic implementation and focused HIV interventions have made this goal an achievable reality with consistent effort and intensified action. Consequently, the second edition of NERCHA Corporate Strategy for the period 2021 – 2025 (NCS) is premised on maximizing on existing opportunities to deliver on mandate of ending AIDS by 2022. This strategy is developed against a backdrop of the accelerated agenda of ending AIDS nationally and globally, increasing economic, social and health challenges facing the country and the global community as well as continued reducing resources dedicated to HIV and AIDS response. The NCS2 therefore promotes highly prioritised, results focused and targeted HIV responses that will deliver on the mandate to end AIDS.

Building on gains achieved during the previous NCS, NERCHA remains vigilant of its role of leading the coordination of the multi-sectoral response to HIV and AIDS and is willing to use its experience over the last two decades to impact on other social sectors. In this regard NERCHA is proposing to expand its mandate and venture into new terrain that will not only promise longevity of operations but also include resource acquisition to sustain the organization within the environment of reducing support. NERCHA above all values its human resource capacity and in this NCS2 has put major emphasis on building the NERCHA team to “work as one”, create a warm and healthy working environment for both internal and external stakeholders and improve the culture within the organization. To this end, NERCHA values are designed to promote professionalism, integrity, and teamwork.

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